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Why should you use FreyaWallet?

One of the most secure ways to store, send, and receive tokens and crypto coins running on different blockchains is by using a non-custodial wallet like FreyaWallet. A non-custodial wallet is one that does not involve a third-party service holding your private keys, so you are always in control of your assets. Our goal is to put you in control of your crypto exchange while keeping your wallet safe.


Freya wallet supports various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, BNB, Tron, Ethereum and protects your crypto exchange with the most advanced security solutions.
We make it easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. You can also store your crypto securely and safely with Freya Wallet.

Stay Private

Bypass the traditional finance ecosystem layer and enter the world of Decentralized Finances (DeFi) with unconditional opportunities.

DeFi Enabled

Swap assets, stake assets and interact with any DeFi service via WalletConnect.

Investor Oriented

Discover and navigate crypto markets with institutional-grade analytics.

Action Alerts

Be among the first to react to price-impacting market events. Coming soon!

We put you at the center of our solution. With our seamless integrated services, now you can manage multiple wallets in one application.

The Freya Wallet offers a one-stop solution for crypto enthusiasts and investors. Apart from storing cryptocurrencies, it also provides options for buying, exchanging, and staking directly from the wallet. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to trade cryptocurrencies in just a few clicks.

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Freya Wallet provides
  • Allows safe cryptocurrencies exchange
  • Manage multiple wallets in one app
  • Easy access to translation history
  • A staking platform with multiple contract term options.
Open Source

Use a wallet with a fully open code that meets stated specifications.